Pom Pom Island

Pom Pom IslandPom Pom Island is one of the astonishing islands in the Celebes Sea, a 40 minute boat ride from Borneo. The island is rich in tropical vegetation and the clear turquoise waters surrounding it hide rare and diverse species of marine creatures. In this part of the world, the Green and Hawksbill turtles are very popular; they often come to lay their eggs on the sandy beaches of Pom Pom and other nearby islands, so you may get the chance to see baby turtles launching themselves into the sea.

The island is beautiful and its position makes it even more special, beeing one of the few islands floating on the South China Sea. The sand here is bland, white and warm, being perfect for you to lay on and enjoy the sun. However, most part of the island is shaded by tropical trees. The vegetation here is dense and rich and so is the underwater life.

Pom Pom IslandWhile diving from Pom Pom Island you can delight your eyes with rare species of fish, such as the strong collored mandarin fish, the barracuda, the morays and, of course, the corals. A great activity around here is „muck diving”, or in other words the activity of diving along the mud or sand on the bottom of the water and searching for small forms of life. Divers compete to see who will find the smallest or rarest creature; a good dive light will prove itself very useful. It is also a good time for some underwater pictures.

A walk around Pom Pom Island will take about 45 minutes; not much but enough to explore the tropical vegetation and enjoy the nice weather. The sunrises and sunsets are not to be missed; at these times the water turns colored in amazing ways; unlike anything you have seen or anything you may see.  The night fall is also the time when the turtles return to the beach to nest. Watch them carefully, from distance; otherwise you might scare them away. If you love the turtles and want to witness them laying their eggs, then the best time to visit the island is between May and August, when the laying usualy occurs.

Pom Pom IslandScuba diving is also very popular on Pom Pom Island and such trips are constantly organised all year round, but the best time to do this is between April and December. Divers also have the possibility of going to the other islands and dive there; boat trips are organised for that. But if you are an experienced diver then Pom Pom will suit your needs, because diving here is rough and challenging. Although the weather is nice all year round, the sea conditions are not that predictable; this makes diving tricky and spectacular at the same time. Check out http://www.divinginsipadan.com/pom-pom-island/ for more details

Even if Pom Pom Island Resort is not that close to Borneo or the other islands, it is appreciated by tourists for its wonderful scenery and its cristal waters. The life here goes on its straight wild track, offering a truly pithy experience to the tourists that come to these savage places.


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