Mataking Island

Do you want to enjoy mesmerizing blue waters, white sand and fantastic diving, all on a private island? The Mataking Island is the answer. Here are a few things you should know before you go courtesy of

What it is.

Mataking IslandMataking is a private island, just North of Sipadan, off the coast of Borneo, in the Celebes Sea. The Mataking Island is 3 times the size of Sipadan and actually made up of two islands connected through a sandbar: Mataking Besar (the big one) and Mataking Kechil (the small one). Mataking Besar hosts only one resort, Mataking Dive Resort, privately owned. Apart from this, a police station and the only underwater Post Office, the island is covered by natural virgin jungle.

Getting there.

The closest port town is Semporna, which can be reached from the nearest airport of Tawau by car or mini bus. You can fly from your country into Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur or Sabah’s capital Kota Kinabalu and take a local flight to Tawau.

What to do, what to see.

Mataking IslandYou can relax in the breeze with a drink or a book in the tropical gardens. If you want to explore while getting some exercise, you can climb the King’s watchtower for some breathtaking views. You can also enjoy the 20 minute walk from one island to the other, over the sandbank, best done in the mornings when the tides are low. On Mataking Kechil, you can explore the unspoiled jungle or take an organized tour where you’ll learn about the flora and fauna of the Mataking Island. If you came with your kids, they can also enjoy handicrafts and painting, cooking, dancing or maybe a kayaking trip. You can watch the Green and Hawksbill turtles lay their eggs in the sand. And in the evenings you can all enjoy the spa or the Jacuzzi at the Mataking Dive Resort or watch the fireflies put on a show.


Mataking Island Dive SitesOf course the main attraction remains diving. The island offers fantastic macro and pelagic dive sites, for all skill levels, with 10 dive sites and other 23 to choose from in the neighboring islands, with the furthest being one 25 minutes away by speedboat. Some of the underwater wonders that you will encounter are barracudas, rainbow runners, frog fish, turtles, and plenty of other types of tropical fish. You can also spot dolphins across the calm seas, or even whale sharks.

The Mataking Resort.

Mataking Island Dive ResortIt is one of the most exclusive and romantic resorts, a gem for honeymooners. Among its accommodations it has 5 Beach Villas and 8 King Chalets, designed in traditional architecture, exquisitely elegant, providing a serene environment. All the rooms are air conditioned and have sea view bathrooms and balconies. All in all, they make your stay on the Mataking Island the most passionate and memorable one.

So whether you want to stroll romantically on white sand, explore the pristine jungle with your family or explore the deep underwater world, the Mataking Dive Resort is your ultimate destination.


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