Kapalai Dive Resort

Kapalai Dive ResortAre you thinking about diving in Sipadan, but you are not sure where to stay? Kapalai Resort is the best choice, being closest to Sipadan, just a few minutes away by boat. You can have a look at this website for booking details.

Kapalai Dive Resort is a collection of 59 wooden chalets built on high stilts and linked together through beautiful timber walkways. The resort is actually a water village, built on a sandbar, the remains of Kapalai Island, known as Ligitan Reefs. Its location makes it the best resort for diving in Sipadan.

The Rooms

At the Kapalai Resort, every room has a panoramic view of the turquoise Sea. The 9 meter wide chalets have large beds and spacious bathrooms with hot and cold water. You can enjoy the sunset on the huge verandah, or relax on its comfy seats. Each room also has Internet access, satellite phone and basic cosmetic products.


Kapalai Dive ResortThe Kapalai Resort Dive Center has a wide range of kayaking, snorkeling and diving gear to rent. It also hosts a variety of PADI diving courses, ranging from night diving to open water courses. Diving from Sipadan Kapalai Resort is really easy, with the shallow but amazing sandy bottom, where you’ll see fantastic corals and a wide variety of small sea creatures, some still waiting to be discovered.

Just a boat ride away, you have over 30 dive sites to choose from. Just to name a few: Black Ray Channel, Blue Spotted Garden, Cleaning Station, Coral Garden, East Point, Eel Garden, Flambo Reef, Frontier Reef
and Kapalai Rock, each one exceptional, and more fascinating than the last. You’ll have the chance to come across pipefish, frogfish, gobies, shrimps, mandarin fish, crocodile fish, cuttlefish, turtles, sharks, humphead parrot fish, and barracudas, just to mention a few. The invisible frogfish in all sizes, shapes and colors will be hard to see, even for the trained eye.

If it’s macro you’re interested in, then you’ll be glad to see pipefish, moray eels, stingrays, butterfly fish, shrimps, clown anemone fish, groupers, mandarin dragonets, spotted boxfish, countless types of nudibranchs, triggerfish, and porcupine fish.


Kapalai Dive ResortKapalai Resort serves delicious food, in the romantic tiered, open air construction. The meals are buffet style, with selections ranging from local to Western, to suit all tastes. There is also a big western sundeck for the evening drink, or a post dive exchange of stories, while taking in the remarkable tropical sunset. When dining or relaxing, you can spot, from above water, the schools of squid and needlefish. And from your private sundeck you can watch the turtles swim by!

Getting there

Kapalai Dive ResortKapalai is easily accessible by means of a 45 minute boat ride from Sebah’s town of Semporna. Usually, your resort will take care of your arrival and departure, from the airport of Tawau to the island. It’s advisable that you book your trip well in advance to avoid any mix-ups.

With its exceptional combination of underwater life, sun and serene accommodations, Kapalai Resort is the ideal destination for anyone looking for a great holiday diving in Sipadan, in the Celebes Sea.

For pricing and availability on Kapalai Dive Resort please visit www.divinginsipadan.com


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